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The Codex is the rules of Wolfguard.

Becoming a Wolfguard member:

Wolfguard has a two-tiered membership structure, composed of Novitiates, those aspiring to become members of Wolfguard, and Adepts, full members of Wolfguard. This is designed to develop and encourage mentoring and training by our Adepts and to introduce the Novitiates to Wolfguard. Membership is by invitation only.


Novitiates will have a black sash with red trim and the silver wolf. Novitiates may wear their sash at all events. To become a Novitiate, a person is nominated by an Adept and must be voted on unanimously by active Adepts within the realm. If approved, we would then extend an invitation. Novitiates must abide by the Wolfguard Codex. Adepts in that realm agree to train and mentor the Novitiates. A Novitiate can walk away if he doesn't think the unit is right for him. To eject a Novitiate requires a unanimous of all active Adepts within the realm. Should a person leave and then decide to rejoin, that person must be approved by unanimous vote of all active Adepts within the realm.

There will be a minimum 6-month trial period before a Novitiate is eligible for elevation to Adept. A Novitiate is raised to Adept status by a unanimous vote of all Adepts present at a National Event (as defined later). If a Novitiate is denied, we will give him a full explanation and ask if he wishes to stay. He would be eligible for a vote at the next National Event. A Novitiate would be entitled to attend and speak at all Wolfguard meetings but would not be able to vote. Should the unit choose, the prospective member's acceptance may be determined by a vote including Adepts from other realms, but this is not necessary.


To differentiate from Novitiates, Adepts will have the red moon behind the silver wolf on their sashes. Adepts are Wolfguard members who have the authority to determine the both the realm unit's direction, structure, actions, membership, etc. and the internal structure of Wolfguard as a whole. These members have a final say on any appeal process that may occur and act as arbitrators in all situations that call for such actions.

Leadership on Local and National levels:


1. Unit leaders in individual realms must be Adepts.

2. Any new Wolfguard unit in a realm must be founded by a former member of Wolfpack Wolfguard. This is to ensure that new units are founded in the same mentality as the original unit.

3. There can only be one Wolfguard unit in a realm. If the realm has limitations on the size of that unit then the unit must respect that limit.


1. As we are all considered equals in Wolfguard, there is no set leader. In the event that one should become necessary, a temporary leader can be elected with a 3/4 vote. The duties and duration of a leader's term are flexible.

General Guidelines for members:

1. Wolfguard members may not use flails. This is ground for revocation of membership status. The only time that it is viable for a member to use a flail is if the member has lost his or her weapon and it is the only available weapon. The member should not sacrifice his or her life for this rule; however never practice with a flail, never walk on to the field with one, and if at all possible don’t pick one up. There are only two exceptions to this rule. One is the reservation made for knights in Wolfguard, who are allowed to train their squires with flails. The other is that Wolfguard members may train with flails as long as they are in mundane clothes and are not representing Wolfguard in any way.

2. Shield guidelines: The exact dimensions of shields for use in Wolfguard are not set, but vary from person to person. A good rule of thumb is that it should not cover your entire chest when held in a manner that puts your bicep parallel with your shoulders. It should not cover more than one leg, and should not go past your knee. Each shield will be voted in on an individual basis at national events. Suggested shields are rounds and teardrops. Tower shields will not be allowed.

3. Wolfguard is meant to be a group of great fighters and great friends, but it is also meant to be an organization that is devoted both to their realms and to the sport as a National entity. Toward that end, service is always encouraged. It is always a rule that participation is never required of Wolfguard members, but it is considered that the best members are those who contribute to their realms, to their unit, and to the National Belegarth organization.

4. Definitions of National Events: An event is an organized fighting and socializing gathering where there is more than the majority of the current Wolfguard Adepts. Events currently recognized as events where Wolfguard voting may occur are listed as Beltaine, Armageddon, Octoberfest, Springfest, Summer War, and Equinox.

5. Becoming a member of Wolfguard applies only to that specific persona. If a person has other personas, then those other personas must be differentiated by different garb, answering to a different name, and different equipment such as a shield cover. Also, while portraying a different persona, a member may not wear the Wolfguard sash or fight with a flail.

6. Wolfguard meetings may be open at the discretion of the attending members. Any meetings involving internal issues will be closed.


1. Disciplinary actions may be taken against any member of Guard. The accuser or accusers must voice their complaint. The accused may speak on his, or her, own behalf. Any member of Guard may speak for or against the accused member.

2. Disciplinary decisions must be made by a group of at least three Adepts. These members will decide the merit of any complaint and determine the action, if any, to be taken against the member in question.