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We will be known by the bodies we leave behind....

Who We Are

What We Stand For

Where We Come From

Personas of the Wolfguard


The Story of Polaris and His Journey to the High Plains

Ahhhhhhh...... where to begin,

Billions of years ago, before our sun was born, before the earth was even
dust, a star was born far, far away. In time this star would be named
Polaris, or the North star by people on earth. But that doesn't happen for
quite some time yet. But when it does, people from all accoss the land
sought Polaris for help and guidance, for it was the finder of the lost way,
and the overseer of all that transpired on the planet. Polaris was thought
to be an immortal star, since it never seemed to move one iota in the
heavens, always in the same spot, day and night, and at all times of the

The family Rumblestopper was headed by a wealthy land barron, Oswald
Rumblestopper. Oswald was cruel and corrupt, he worked the slaves he bought
in the markets to death with cruel and needless chores, never feeding them
or allowing them to sleep. Oswald reveled in their misfortunes. Oswald was
married, though totally unfaithful, to Elenor Bloodsfeild. Together they
had five children, each more corrupt and cruel then the next. With the
exception of the last. Irwin Rumblestopper, who was tormented by his elder
siblings and given chores that even the slaves feared, but Irwin did them
without complaining, he seemed not to mind, somehow knowing that times could
not last as is forever, and soon something would change.

That something came sooner than Irwin thought. It happened that The house
Rumblestopper formed a religous sect that preyed (excuse the pun) on poor
farmers of the community. Rumblestoppism, as it came to be known, was the
voulentary turning over of what meager possesions one had in order to not be
utterly destroyed and forgotten in the sands of time. The hous
Rumblestopper grew larger and more wealthy, dispised and feared by
neighboring communities and other families. All of this only set Irwin on a
path of no return, a path of purifing by fire, riding the land of such
black-hearted evil.

On a particular night after an aristocratic party in which the House
Rumblestopper had gained a particularly large mass of land, the heads of the
household as well as their children were drinking at the expence of the
beggars they had created. Oswald had demanded that he needed more of his
favorite Dwarven Spirits that he had taken in a display of vileness years
ago. Since all of his sevrvants had been killed from the 'festivities'
earlier that night, it was up to Irwin to get the Spirits. So down to the
celler he went, gathered several bottles of the stuff and suddenly got an
idea. This was the kind of idea that would forever change his life.
Breaking several of the bottles and soaking the dried wood of the celler he
pored a trail up to the serving quarters, doused the room and then brought a
single, unbroken bottle into the dining room. 'Accidently' spilling some of
the liquer on his father, Irwin reached across the table for a cloth to
clean up his mess, in so doing, he knocks over one of the gold candlelabras
and sets his father ablase. By now most of his siblings are out cold and
the rest think that it is some kind of joke. Irwin grabs a hold of his
father and carries him into the serving quarter and pushes him down into the
celler, and then quickly excapes the house himself. When he turned back,
the intire house was in flames, and he could see no survivors.

Irwin knew that if he was ever found, the crime would be charged to him, and
on top of that, several of his father's enemies would want to have the head
of the only remaining Rumblestopper. This was his most desperate hour, he
turned to Polaris seeking help. Looking deep into space he seemed to hear a
voice, not human, dwarven, elven, he couldn't decide, it sounded ancient, as
though it had seen the rise and fall of several countries, relms, and
planets themselves. It was the Voice of Polaris Omega, the Final One, the
One who would eventually see the fall of the universe itself. It instructed
Irwin to change his name to that of Polaris, and to assist people where his
father had wronged them. The voice assured that it would be there to help
him and give him the strength he needed to continue his quest. With that
being said, a ray of blazing cosmic light bathed Irwin and at that time, it
was made clear what he had to do.

Polaris was again born, this time as a human on earth. I set out north to
find a group of people I had heard ledgends of. A group called Wolfpack,
and their protecters Wolfguard. I wanted to join with them in their quest
to eliminate those who would try and harm us, and our kind. In my travles I
have met many others who share my goal, Orion, being one of them. But that
is another story.....


May Polaris protect and watch over you, and guide you on any night you find
yourself in need. Know that you need only search the northern heavens and
there you will find me, eager to help...