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The Wolfguard Codex

What is Wolfguard:
Wolfguard is a group of people that bands together in order to act as a front-line defense against our realmsí enemies. Within the unit, there is no true rank. We have a leader because we choose to follow that person. We have titles within the unit, but they carry no special insignias or powers. Everyone is equal and subject to Wolfguard law. Wolfguard began with front-line fighters in Wolfpack of the High Plains, but its courage and success in battle has led to other realms desiring guards of their own. In response to this, we have sent emissaries from our own unit to build units in other realms in order to better defend such places as Dunharrow, Angaron, Numenor, and Gondor. Members of the unit strive to be the best in Belegarth both in fighting prowess and in service to the sport, their realms, and their unit.

Who is Wolfguard:
Wolfguard is everyone that joins the unit regardless of where you live. We all fight under the same code so we all are the same family. Wolf Guard's national code is the minimum code under which all Guard members must fight at all times regardless of location or circumstance. This minimum code may not be lessened; however it may be made stricter by the honor codes of knights and or the realm in which the member resides. This is a way of honoring the realm, knighthood, squirehood, etc. We are Wolfguard on a national level and Wolfguard of (insert realmís name) on a local level. During Realm battles, members fight with their realms. During Unit battles, members fight with Wolfguard. No one is required to fight with the unit; it is by personal choice, unless the member is the leader. The leader is required to fight, if he or she does not fight, it is grounds for dismissal from the unit, not just the leader position.

Becoming a Wolfguard member:
Wolfguard is made up of a three-tiered membership system. This is designed to help improve loyalty, pride, and an internal family structure. The three tiers are Local, National, and Full membership.
Local: Membership in a Wolfguard unit in any recognized or unrecognized realm. Those members have the authority to determine that realmís unitís direction, structure, actions, membership, etc. within the boundaries of the National Wolfguard code. The members have no voice in national actions, but should be represented by national members.
National: National membership is made up of members from all the different realms and is meant to represent Wolfguard at a national level at national events. National members have say in all national actions, but do not have a vote in the structure of the national code.
Full Membership: Full members are drawn from a pool of national members, mainly veteran fighters with vast knowledge of the rules and political structure of Belegarth. Full members are the only members with the right to vote on the internal structure of Wolfguard as a whole. These members have a final say on any appeal process that may occur and act as arbitrators in all situations that call for such actions.
  1. Local Membership: is by invitation only and is determined by a majority vote of active unit members of that realm. Should the unit choose, the prospective memberís acceptance may be determined by a vote including other Guard members from other realms, but this is not necessary. Local members fight with Wolfguard as a whole at national events, but they will be asked not to wear their sash during the national event.
  2. When a local memberís realm feels that the member is ready, that member may be represented for National membership. National members of Wolfguard will then vote to determine whether the local member is ready to be brought up for a national vote. If the majority of the National members of Guard are agreed, then the local member can be brought up for National membership. If the member is accepted, he or she is then a National member and has the right to wear his or her sash at all National Events. If the member is declined, it is not the end of the world. That member is still a local member of Guard and can be represented for National Membership again.
  3. Once a member achieves National Wolfguard membership and his or her realm deems that member ready, the member may be represented for Full membership. Three or more Full members must represent a National member for full membership. A National member may be represented as often as the memberís realm sees fit.
Leadership on Local and National levels:
  1. Any new Wolfguard unit in a realm must be founded by a former member of Wolfpack Guard. This is to ensure that new units are founded in the same glory as the original unit.
  2. Realm leaders must be National members. If a Full member has founded a unit and, due to reasons beyond his or her control, is unable to lead that unit than another member may assume leadership until he or she becomes a National member.
  3. The leader of a Realm unit may be removed from leadership by a 3/4ths majority vote of the members of Wolfguard within that realm.
  4. There can only be one Wolfguard unit in a realm. If the realm has limitations on the size of that unit then the unit must respect that limit.
  1. The leader on the National level must be the current leader of the Wolfguard of Wolfpack of the High Plains. This person must be voted on by all members of Wolfguard in order to become the leader.
  2. Procedure for removing the National leader is as follows. The leader can be removed at any time for any reason. The person or persons making the charge must stand and voice their complaint before the entire unit including the accused. The accused may then defend him/herself and anyone may speak in behalf of or against the leader. If removed from the position of leader that person has all status and membership revoked, and must start from the beginning. A 3/4ths majority vote of all members is required for removal of the National leader.
  3. In the event that a temporary leader is necessary, (such as the injury of the current leader) a temporary leader may be voted in by a majority of the National members present. The temporary leader will step down once the National leader is able to resume the position.
General Guidelines for members:
  1. Wolfguard members may not use flails. This is ground for revocation of membership status. The only time that it is viable for a member to use a flail is if the member has lost his or her weapon and it is the only available weapon. The member should not sacrifice his or her life for this rule; however never practice with a flail, never walk on to the field with one, and if at all possible donít pick one up. There are only two exceptions to this rule. One is the reservation made for Wolfguard knights, who are allowed to train their squires with flails, but may not use flails in other instances. The other is that Wolfguard members may train with flails as long as they are in mundane clothes and are not representing Wolfguard in any way.
  2. Shield guidelines: The exact dimensions of shields for use in Wolfguard are not set, but rather vary from person to person. A good rule of thumb is that it should not cover your entire chest when held in a manner that puts your bicep parallel with your shoulders. It should not cover more than one leg, and should not go past your knee. Each shield will be voted in on an individual basis at national events. Suggested shields are rounds and teardrops. Tower shields will not be allowed. All shields in use before this constitution are grandfathered in, as long as they do not blatantly break any of these rules.
  3. Definitions of National Events: An event is an organized fighting and socializing gathering where there is more than the majority of the current members of Wolfguard. Both full and regular members have to be in the majority. Events currently recognized as events where Guard voting may occur are listed as Beltaine, Armageddon, Octoberfest, Springfest, and Equinox.
  4. Becoming a member of Wolfguard applies only to that specific persona. If a person has other personas, then those other personas must be differentiated by different garb, answering to a different name, and different equipment such as a shield cover. Also, while portraying a different persona, a member may not wear the Wolfguard sash.
  5. Wolfguard is meant to be a group of great fighters and great friends, but it is also meant to be an organization that is devoted both to their realms and to the sport as a National entity. Toward that end, service is always encouraged. It is always a rule that participation is never required of Wolfguard members, but it is considered that the best members are those who contribute to their realms, to their unit, and to the National Belegarth organization.
  1. Disciplinary actions may be taken against any member of Guard. The accuser or accusers must voice their complaint. The accused may speak on his, or her, own behalf. Any member of Guard may speak for or against the accused member.
  2. Disciplinary decisions must be made by a group of at least three full members. These members will decide the merit of any complaint and determine the action, if any, to be taken against the member in question.

The Wolfguard Creed

I must be stronger.

I must be faster.

I must be humble.

I must think before I act.

I must act without hesitation.