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We will be known by the bodies we leave behind....

Who We Are

What We Stand For

Where We Come From

Personas of the Wolfguard


The Story of Cyric

Hmm… where to begin… it seems like so long ago….

Where to begin? My days as a sell-sword? My ascension to Godhood? That is where my real glory is… but it is always best to start at the beginning.

I was born in the slums of a city in the north. My father was a soldier for the town guard, and my mother was an out-of -work bard. I was sold into slavery early in life, before any real memories… what I learned of my parents I heard as rumors on the street. It is of no importance anyway. I was bought by a wealthy merchant couple who had no children. They raised me as their own. I was educated by them until I was 16, and then ran away when they tried to push me into my adopted father's trade. I joined an invading army that was heading southward and was trained as a scout. I discovered my calling in the army… to run, to fight… to live by my wits and bring death to my enemies… it felt like I was born for that.

After 2 years of war, the lands we were invading banded together and raided my former kingdom. I was forced to take what loot and supplies I could flee into the mountains with a few comrades. We hid there for what seemed like months, watching the invaders burn our land to ashes. We decided to go our separate ways and see what aid we could bring. I continued my journey southward, and was ambushed by orcs. I killed a few, but I was overwhelmed and began to retreat. I had only taken 2 steps when I lost my footing and slid down a ravine and lost consciousness. I awoke in the care of a nomadic people called the Wolfpack of the High plains. According to their leader, a dwarf named Obryn, they found me laying there soon after with orcs all around me. They drove off the orcs and nursed me back to health. I stayed with them, thinking they could help me regain my old lands. But the longer I stayed with them, the more I forgot about my old realm. I learned more from their warriors and defended their realm as it was my own, and eventually joined the elite group of defenders called Wolfguard.

I began to have strange dreams at night… dreams of death and blood… glory and vengeance. Dark things began to whisper to me, feeding upon my hatred and anger, making me stronger. The speaker's name I cannot say, but I entered a pact with him. I would be his earthly body, and he would help me be strong and further his cause, the cause of Death. He and I became one. We are the God of Death. I continue to fight and learn, and one day I will have my vengeance. For now, I settle for killing those who harm me or my allies, and nothing pleases the Death God like death…...