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We will be known by the bodies we leave behind....

Who We Are

What We Stand For

Where We Come From

Personas of the Wolfguard


-The Journies on the High Plains-

At last I had arrived at the land known as the Wolfpack of the High Plains, I had arrived traveling with a roving circus, on a chilly March day many moons ago. I was directed by a friendly Dwarf by the name of Obryn to the then Warlord of Wolfpack Nolen Oldcastle, now Sir Nolen Oldcastle. He put a sword in my hand and told me how to fight and defend myself.

At this time I still travled under my human name, for fear that to reveal my avatar-hood to soon would lead to my undoing. In time, after enough strength was gathered, I revealed my true nature, that of Polaris Omega. One star that had sought others to share the heavens with, then I found him, or more appropiatly, he found me...

I put these skill to work, mostly against the Legion of House Manticore. During these battles, another celestial wanderer and I crossed paths. I met Orion the Hunter. He was one of a few who saw great potential within me if I had the proper guidence.

Over the months Orion sharpened my skill with the sword and sheild as well as teaching me how to create my own armor. Many a night was spent making chainmail and drinking ale with Orion. In two moon's time, my armor was completed and I was that much more of a fighter. The added armor not only protected me from the blows of my enemies, it also made me a more ferocious competitor.

Orion and I journied weekly to the lands of Numenore to challenge the knights that ruled the lands there. We even travled as far off as Katavar to fight for the would be King, Fergus. After numerous gatherings from across the land, I was asked to join the Order of the Wolfguard. I accepted...

Soon there after, during the setting of the stars, I became a Squire to Sir Kyrian, on of the most revered and honerable knights on the contenent. He tought me such things as honour and chivery, he tought me to strive to become the best knight I could be. My quest for knighthood is on-going. The tasks set before me are truely a challenge, set to make me a glorious knight.

It was shortly after this time that Orion, both the constalation and the man, set over the western horizon. At first the loss was devastating, my brother and my friend gone in one fell swoop. I realized, as I searched the heavens in vein, that being of the heavens means that Orion will return again, and together we will conquere the unjust.

Those days seem such a long way off, but that's immortality for you...

May Polaris protect and watch over you, and guide you on any night you find yourself in need. Know that you need only search the northern heavens and there you will find me, eager to help...